ShiftNote Summer 2015 Release Notes: Make Scheduling Even Easier

Our code ninjas have been hard at work improving ShiftNote Scheduling! They listened to your feedback about what you would like to see and have been training hard to make Scheduling a more awesome and efficient experience. We are ready to release the following new features to enhance your Scheduling capability.

Employee-to-Employee Messaging:  Employees now have the ability to message each other to trade and cover shifts, saving yourself even more time scheduling. This also allows you to keep track of who is trading what shifts so there are no miscommunications that often occur between employees text messaging each other privately. Read our step-by-step visual guide on how to turn this feature on here.

ShiftCard:  ShiftCard is a new easy-to-use tool that simplifies your Shift planning further. A ShiftCard allows you to view your daily employee roster by position, time period and shift. You also have the ability to print a ShiftCard inside of Scheduling for your convenience. Read our visual guide to learn where to find ShiftCard and how to print it here.

Print Settings: Schedules:  Now there are many more options available to print and view your Schedules. Many said there was not an option that best fit with their business, so we created a new “master” settings area as well as individual manager PDF print preferences. Learn how to access these settings here.

Employee Mobile Web-App:   The new ShiftNote Scheduling features don’t only make life easier for managers and admins. We also have a new mobile web-app for employees to view their schedules, pick up open shifts and request time off no matter where they are. The ShiftNote Employee Mobile Site can be accessed by employees when they launch their web browser and type into the address bar.  Watch Video

Your feedback is taken to heart and we are always looking for ways to make your ShiftNote experience better for your business.