New Features - Swapping Shifts and Position Locations

For those using the ShiftNote Scheduler, we've now made it easier to swap shifts between employees, and also to specify where an employee might be working within your business.

Swapping Shifts

Instead of just releasing a shift, an employee can choose to trade their shift with another employee, who will in turn get notified about the suggested swap. If the swap is agreed on, a manager will get notified as well in order to approve or deny the changes. To read more about how the new shift swapping works, check out the related help article.

swap shift

Managing Locations

In the Settings area of the Scheduler, you can now create locations within your business that an employee can work. Then when you go to create a schedule, you can let your employee know not only what position they are working, but where they are scheduled to work it. For an example, if an employee is scheduled to work as a waiter in a restaurant, you can let them know they are also scheduled to work the patio section. To read more about how managing locations works, check out the related help article.

schedule location