Tips to Get Your Team on Board with ShiftNote

Nov 14, 2012 4:11:14 PM / by Matt Thompson

ShiftNote is an amazing communication tool for workforce management that will help save you time and money. You know it, we know it - but what about your team? A tool like ShiftNote will work best if your entire team is on board, as the saying goes, there's no I in team. So how do you get everyone to start participating in ShiftNote once you've decided to start using for your business communication?

Here are some basic tips to get your team on board with ShiftNote:

Lead by Example

The first suggestion is to lead by example. Log in everyday and document events, issues, guest feedback, etc. This will make it easier for the other users in the system to have ideas on what they should be writing about, and give them something to interact with. Also make sure to comment and interact with entries that others have entered that require a response.

Make it Part of the Routine

Most managers already have a list of duties and responsibilities they know they need to complete during their shift. Hold a management meeting, and let everyone know that there will be two new items to add to that list. At the start of the shift, check ShiftNote for unread log book entries, and at the end of the shift, document anything that happened during said shift. Make sure to keep mandating these tasks until the entire team has adopted.


Reward team members for entering in quality information that will help with the everyday tasks of running the business. If you already have a bonus system in place for increasing sales and decreasing costs, ShiftNote when used properly, will lend itself to helping manage both of these measurable results. Using ShiftNote will put more money in your pockets!

We hope that the more your team uses ShiftNote, the more they will love it! In a well run business, it should be second nature to communicate in this manner, and communication is of course, key!

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Matt Thompson

Written by Matt Thompson

Matt has let his lifelong passion of food and people lead him to 15 amazing years as a restaurant manager and another 9 years working as a Director with a major food service distributor. He has channeled this passion to help create and run ShiftNote. When he's not dominating the food service industry, he's spending time with his 4 children and cheering on the Tigers as a Mizzou Alumni.

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