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Mar 1, 2022 4:21:44 PM / by Nate Winans

We're hoping you've already heard the news, ShiftNote is now ShiftForce! It's exciting stuff! If you're already a ShiftNote user, please don't worry. Your account isn't going away any time soon. ShiftForce is a newer, more powerful, more awesomer workforce management solution designed to help you accomplish even more than you could in ShiftNote.

What's the Difference Between ShiftNote and ShiftForce

The biggest difference between ShiftNote and ShiftForce is that it's newer, faster, sleeker, and has more advanced features than ShiftNote. ShiftForce has integrations available so you can run everything through one system, rather than many. In short, ShiftForce was developed with existing feedback to build a tool that's super powerful for your shift-to-shift business!

What's New

ShiftForce has been in development and been rigorously tested over the past several years and the time was finally right to release it. With ShiftForce, you'll better be able to observe, direct, and follow through on key elements of your business. Observe what happened and record it with daily log notes. Direct employees with actionable items with tasks and checklists. Follow through with accountability tracking to ensure tasks are being completed and progress is being made.

A few of the newest key features in ShiftForce from ShiftNote include:

  • More customizable elements on the daily log
  • Task manager - checklists, more interaction with staff, improved communication
  • Sales and labor forecasting
  • Drag and drop scheduling and priority shifts
  • Integrations with POS systems

Why Did Our Company Name Change?

The company name change was simply to rebrand ourselves as ShiftForce. We were not acquired or merged. We wanted to rebrand ourselves as a newer, sleeker, more up-to-date workforce management solution provider. It's also easier to say our company name and it reflects our product.

Ready to See More?

Want to see what ShiftForce is capable of? We'd love to show you! We have a free trial available so you can test out our workforce management solution for your shift-to-shift business. There are no hidden features or any catches. Simply sign up, log in, and we'll help set up your account how you'd like. Get started today!

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Written by Nate Winans

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