Understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Feb 6, 2013 3:41:38 PM / by Dennis Maggart

I have been asked by ShiftNote to write a periodic blog series regarding healthcare reform. At first I was skeptical, while I had been working on healthcare reform issues and their impact on my clients I didn't know if this format would work for such a complex subject matter. I have been a health benefit consultant for over 30 years and have been focused on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) ever since it was in draft form. If you have read a newspaper or seen a political add you know that this law is incredibly lengthy and complex. It is also unique in the sense that it’s impact on specific employers will vary drastically based on the particular structure of the current benefit plan. While it would be nice to craft a simple road map for compliance, it simply is not possible to craft a “one solution fits all” set of recommendations.

After thinking more about this challenge it became clear that a more conversational approach to educating employers and employees may actually be the most effective. The challenges of PPACA will be unique to each client, but certain industries will see very dramatic changes. For example, many public entities such as school districts, city and county governments, and their employees will see very little impact from PPACA. On the other hand, the restaurant, nursing home, retail and hospitality industries will face major challenges on compliance. Finding a way to communicate with these industries will not only be a complex task but also present opportunities for companies who are ready to serve these clients to develop new relationships.

Over the next several months I will attempt to summarize the major provisions of PPACA in a simple to understand format. It will not be a line by line reprise of the healthcare reform law or a politically tilted editorial piece, instead it will outline the major questions you will face as a business owner/manager and practical tips on how to best manage these changes. You will soon see that there will not be any “canned” solutions for your company; instead you will have to develop a basic understanding of the law and a customized strategy for compliance. While this may sound ominous, I assure you that in most cases PPACA’s bark will be worse than it’s bite! Stay tuned for the next edition………………………………

"Want to learn more?  PPACA is a complex law and will affect each employer differently.  McInnes Group provides this blog series as a sample of various strategies that may work for some employers.  We encourage you to contact Dennis at dennis@mcinnesgroup.com or at their website at www.mcinnesgroup.com to get specific advice to help you develop a customized strategy for compliance."

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Dennis Maggart

Written by Dennis Maggart

Dennis Maggart is a partner at McInnes Group, Inc., a benefit brokerage and consulting firm in Fairway, Kansas. He has over 33 years experience in the employee benefit industry focusing on group benefits for large employers and alternative funding arrangements. He has been worked with HHS and state exchange planning groups and has conducted numerous seminars/webinars for employer trade groups and associations on the impact of PPACA.

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